‘Tis the Season of the Annual Meeting

By: David Silver

Reaching the end of the contentious and hotly contested national election was no doubt a relief for many of us.  However, for our community association clients, there is no rest for the weary because late winter and spring is association annual meeting season!

We certainly hope that the candidates in your election will avoid the type of mud-slinging we witnessed in many of the recent campaigns.  Even if candidates go low, boards and managers should do what they can to ensure a smooth meeting, election and transition of control.  Careful and considerate advance planning will help the event run more smoothly, and may help avoid claims of “voter fraud” or similar challenges to the integrity of the election process and outcome.

Here are a few suggestions, reminders and questions to help your planning:

Thoughtful consideration of the above questions, even if they do not all apply to your association, should be a great start to your meeting planning work.