Dear Board Members:

We’ve had numerous requests over the past week to host an IN-PERSON Board Boot Camp for those who have interest.   I’m happy to report that a session has been scheduled for WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 12TH FROM 6-9 PM AT LUMEN CONDOMINIUM, 501 ROY STREET, SEATTLE, 98109.  The Lumen board has been gracious to offer their  great meeting room to host this training session.  We have room for 25 individuals so if you have interest in joining us in person please send me an RSVP by February 5th so I can finalize meeting arrangements with them.  If you missed the first Boot Camp or wish to share experiences in person with board colleagues and take home some great nuggets, I encourage you to let me know.  We’re very happy to offer this special session and I look forward to seeing many of you at this Boot Camp on the 12th.  AND parking is available right inside the building! Thank you as always for your support of our efforts and make it a great week!  Best,

Paul D. Grucza  CMCA, AMS, PCAM
Director of Education & Client Engagement

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