Client Services

CWD Group is a member of the customer service industry. We base all our operations on the concept that exceptional customer service is what quality associations seek. It has guided our structure, in that every owner’s, Board member’s, or vendor’s first contact is with one of our Client Service Team members. Our Client Service Team is empowered to resolve nearly any issue brought to them – they are more property manager than receptionist. We do not use a voice mail system, preferring instead for direct contact between our staff and the client.


CWD Group prides itself in the best financial work in the industry. Our Director of Accounting, Ms. Jacque Haynes, CMCA®, CPA, MBA, brings over thirty years of industry-specific accounting experience to your community. We produce GAAP accrual financial statements using the fund basis of accounting. Budgeting is completed using a combination of zero-based and historically-based techniques. Both budgets and financials are produced with varying degrees of information and detail, depending on the audience.

Community Management

Our community managers work collaboratively in teams of 2 to 6, with one manager assigned as the lead to manage each client. Additional managers support and assist as needed to create a balanced team approach. Our process is to discuss in detail the needs of your community and Board, and assign the best manager candidate to ensure a long term relationship. Ultimately, the selection of your specific manager is made with the involvement of the Board of Directors and CWD Group, depending on your specific needs, personalities, and corporate culture.

Project Management

CWD Group has built a team of project management professionals experienced in managing large projects. Whether a project years in the making or an insurance claim, the skills and time necessary to successfully manage large, multi-dimensional projects are unique. CWD Group has the skills to act as the Owner’s Agent, provide communication and updates for the owners, give guidance on planning, funding, special assessments, and cash flow modeling, help secure loans and lines of credit, develop investment and cash flow strategies, and perform many other important aspects of special project development and execution.


CWD Group started as a property maintenance company, and that construction backbone and experience make us an excellent choice for associations seeking to establish and maintain adequate reserves and maintenance programs. Our managers have the training, education, and experience to guide the Board’s sound financial planning. Our maintenance department has the depth, skills, tools, and training to take care of most any maintenance issue. We excel at routine maintenance tasks, and our maintenance division has the skill to triage and gain control in emergency situations.


Our newest division, the CWD Group Engineering Group provides engineering and systems management for high-rises complex mechanical systems. From vendor oversight to diagnosis, Request For Proposal creation, contract bidding and evaluation, and systems oversight, our engineering team brings their many years of building systems management together to ensure buildings operate smoothly, gain the maximum performance and useful life from the equipment, and see the maximum return on investment when undertaking capital expenditures.