Resale Certificate Consulting Overview

CWD Group has performed dozens of reviews for condominiums and Co-Ops all over Washington and Oregon, providing buyers with the information they need to be active, informed, and participatory members of their new community.

When you purchase a unit in a community association, you become a business partner with each of the other members of the corporation. Whether the association has hundreds of thousands or hundreds of millions of dollars in assets, it’s a serious business decision.

CWD Group’s consulting service cuts through the reams of disclosure documentation and distills the information down to the elements that really matter so you may make an informed decision when becoming a member of the corporation.




The cost for the service is $185.00, paid in advance (see below). We will contact you following receipt of payment to arrange for you to upload the resale disclosure information to our secure website. Reports will typically be complete and delivered within two business days after receipt of disclosure information.

“I see this “document inspection” as a huge value to my clients, in many ways more effective than the typical “property inspection” which costs several times more. Your reports are much more useful.”

– Derek M. DeWolf, Broker, Windermere Capitol Hill

Resale Certificate Documents and Payment Information

RealtorUnit Purchaser

Review of our report does not preclude the Purchaser from their own due diligence, and the Resale Certificate and attachments should be read in their entirety by the Purchaser. We will review closely, and rely solely on the information provided. Because we have no control over future events nor the condition, maintenance or management of the property we do not expect that all the events we anticipate will occur as planned. Our report is for the exclusive use of the Purchaser, is not to be copied or distributed without our written permission, and is intended as a summation of the resale certficate and attachments. We shall not be held responsible for any matters relating to error of judgement, or for any mistakes of fact or of law, or for anything which we may do or refrain from doing. Our liability in any matter involving this report is limited to our Fee for services rendered.
I agree to the terms of this agreement