Seattle Releases Draft Rezone Maps and Mandatory Affordability Performance / Fee Schedule

The City of Seattle is moving forward with fairly sizeble rezones in its urban centers and urban villages. The City plans to direct approximately 80

Electric Vehicles in Community Associations

CAI GOVERNMENT AFFAIRS  Electric Vehicles Projected to be 35% of New Car Sales in 2040: What About the Electronic Charging Stations? Governments from around the


CAI GOVERNMENT AFFAIRS ASSOCIATION ASSESSMENTS AND CREDIT SCORES As someone who hit the age of 18 prior to 2009 and the enactment of the Credit

FHA-Implementation of Condominium Project Approval Owner Occupancy Requirement

Today, the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) published Mortgagee Letter 2016-15 which establishes FHA’s condominium project approval owner occupancy percentage requirement, as mandated by the Housing Opportunity through Modernization

Enforcement Hearings: Trials, Tribunals, or What?

By: Dan Zimberoff Dear Colleague- I’m often asked questions on how an association should handle an enforcement hearing, as there is very little statutory guidance

3rd Annual Toys for Tots Drive

CWD Group values the diversity and contribution of each resident, owner and team member. Focused on an inclusive work environment, team diversity and community involvement,