Unpaid Assessments: Liens & Personal Obligations- Part II

By: Marlyn Hawkins Last week, we discussed how delinquencies affect owners and the lots or units they own.  This week, we discuss the effect of

Participate in Downtown Seattle Association By: Downtown Seattle Association How does downtown need to evolve to accommodate the growing number of families living here? What can we do to

Unpaid Assessments: Liens & Personal Obligations – Part I

By: Alexis Ducich Under state law in Washington and Oregon, Condominium and Homeowner Associations have the authority to adopt and amend budgets, and levy and collect

Association Committees

By Dean Martin Committees can be a productive tool for condominium and homeowners associations.  Committees, such as budget committees or architectural control committees, can promote

Summer is Prime Community Time

By: Daniel Zimberoff One of the primary objectives of a community association board of directors is to facilitate and encourage a sense of connection within

Consider The Source

By Jeremy Stillwell The internet can be a wonderful resource but BEWARE: Not everything you read on the internet is true or accurate.  It is