Consider The Source

By Jeremy Stillwell The internet can be a wonderful resource but BEWARE: Not everything you read on the internet is true or accurate.  It is

Online Harassment and Risk of Liability Under Fair Housing Laws

By David Silver My colleagues and I have blogged about the importance of recognizing requests for reasonable accommodations/modifications, carefully and thoughtfully considering them, and properly


POSTED BY WASHINGTON TRUST BANK While volatility has been picking up in recent weeks, it still remains low compared to historic norms — making us

Here Comes the Sun

By: Jim Guse In preparation for writing this week’s blog post, I googled songs about the sun. Dozens of cheery, happy songs immediately sprung from

You Won the Election, Now What?

By: David Silver Congratulations!  You threw your hat in the ring, ran a vigorous issues-based campaign promising to shake up the establishment, and ultimately won

Pothole Palooza in Seattle

 Seattle is kicking off Pothole Palooza on Monday, April 17, a campaign to aggressively repair potholes across the city. The Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT)