Toys for Tots Campaign Results

From CWD Group’s Outreach Committee: An enormous thank you to our partner communities that participated in our Toys for Tots Campaign over the holidays.  Together

Directors v. Officers

By: David Silver One of the benefits of being general counsel for many community associations-both HOAs and condos-is that we can recognize frequently misunderstood, confusing

Sidewalks: Keeping Your Liability off the Streets

By: Collin Vincent It’s an all too familiar story: a store customer slips on spilled liquid in an aisle, is injured in the fall, and


Preparedness Our partners with the Federal Emergency Management Agency say it best: Preparedness is everyone’s job.  Preparedness is not just for government agencies, but all

Unpaid Assessments: Liens & Personal Obligations- Part II

By: Marlyn Hawkins Last week, we discussed how delinquencies affect owners and the lots or units they own.  This week, we discuss the effect of

Participate in Downtown Seattle Association By: Downtown Seattle Association How does downtown need to evolve to accommodate the growing number of families living here? What can we do to