The Value of a Great Team

For CWD Group, winning the battle for talent is the key ingredient to winning the battle in business. The Operations Team below represents over two hundred years of community association specific management ability. Together we recruit, train, supervise, mentor, encourage, and celebrate our teammates, enabling them to excel in their careers.

Marshall Johnson Marshall Johnson CEO (The Curator)

Marshall is the cheerleader for CWD Group, and brings daily engagement, leadership, and vision to the region’s premiere community association professional services firm.

Shane Lewis Shane Lewis Director, Regional Operations (Ambassador of Synergy)

Shane brings over twenty years of management and operational experience to CWD Group where he supports the CEO and Operations Team in developing and delivering our company’s strategy and mission statement to our staff, client portfolio, and industry.

Jacque Haynes Jacque Haynes Director of Accounting

Jacque brings thirty years industry specific accounting experience focusing on providing complete and meaningful financial information that allow board of directors to focus on the financial health of their associations.

Shayna Schuermann Shayna Schuermann Director, Corporate Operations (The Shepherdess)

Shayna joined CWD Group in January 2001.  Working in virtually every capacity since, she has vast experience in the industry.  As The Shepherdess, Shayna is our Director of Corporate Operations and focuses on corporate operations, training, and supporting her fellow Directors.

Alicia Graham Alicia Graham Director, New Development & Services (Launch Commander)

Alicia has worked in the management industry since 1999.  In her role as the Launch Commander (Director of New Development & Services), Alicia specializes in the creation of new communities, mentoring fellow community managers, budget development, and administration of hi-rise and mixed-use associations.

Jackki Vo Jackki Vo Director, Community Management (Camp Counselor)

Jackki, aka the Camp Counselor, has risen through various roles since joining CWD Group in 2013. Bringing two decades of staff engagement and training to the team, Jackki leads the CWD Group Community Association Manager team by creating and promoting our collaborative working environment.

Danny Phipps Danny Phipps Director of Project Management

Dan has developed the CWD Group project management team since 2005 and now leads a team of professionals that specialize in the planning, organization and execution of rehabilitation and special projects.

Paul D. Grucza Paul D. Grucza Director of Education & Client Engagement

Paul brings thirty-five years of management experience and training passion to CWD Group where he engages with clients to ensure their expectations are fulfilled, and directs education programs for our staff and board members.

Darrin Hyde Darrin Hyde Director of Engineering

Darrin brings fifteen years of experience, creativity, and judgment to lead the engineering team in managing the operation and life cycle of all major systems and components found in high-rise and large mixed-use facilities.

Sean Schwender Sean Schwender Director of Maintenance

In his fifteenth year with CWD Group, Sean has served as a Facilities Manager, Project Manager, and Engineer, and now leads the maintenance team. Sean prides himself in ensuring his team delivers an exceptional customer service experience.

Melanie Ondruska Melanie Ondruska Culture and Brand Enhancement

Melanie brings 25 years of staff and community management experience to CWD Group and leads the charge in maintaining the integrity of the company’s culture and brand.  Melanie believes in building a strong foundation for the management team, developing leaders from within, and creating professional development opportunities for the entire team.

Deb Curtis Deb Curtis Corporate Accountant

Deb is responsible for CWD Group’s corporate accounting, payroll, cash management, and financial prosperity. Deb also brings her unusually high attention to detail to generating invoices for each of our clients.

Julie Gray Julie Gray Corporate Accountant

Julie, aka Pinball Wizard, has embraced a variety of roles since she joined the company in 2002. Julie is a now a vital member of the CWD Group and Community Staffing Solutions corporate accounting teams, specializing in payroll.