Retention Speaks Volumes

CWD Group enjoys the highest staff and client retention in the industry. We retain our first client and enjoy staff tenure approximately three times the national average and growing. We search out talent, work ethic, and inherent leadership ability.

Compensation Packages

We strive to establish compensation packages which are commensurate with each position and experience, flexible enough to suit each members’ needs, and promote growth within the company. Our managers are paid on salary rather than the typical percentage method, with portfolios that average five – six clients, less than half the industry average. Our compensation plans and client loads allow managers the luxury of practicing proactive management rather than crisis management.

Company Benefits

CWD Group is one of the few remaining employers that offers 100% company paid medical, dental, and vision coverage for its employees. We offer a 401k plan, a generous Paid Time Off policy, a monthly “Customer Service Award” and financial incentives for exceptional internal and external service, and company functions that range from destination dinners to parking lot barbeques.

CWD Group has the distinction of being the only privately-held management company with its own accredited education program: CWD University. We maintain an unlimited continuing education budget for managers, project managers, and other members of our management teams.

Current Positions

If you are interested in joining a dynamic, progressive, team-focused management company and building a career and future with our organization, we have openings in:

  • Customer Service
  • Accounting
  • Community Management
  • Maintenance
  • Construction Management
  • Engineering

Contact us about employment here… We look forward to getting to know you.